• 10-FEB-2010

Smarter Students for a Smarter Planet

Today at a conference in New York, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced it will make key parts of its software portfolio available in a cloud computing environment to more easily allow professors around the world to incorporate technology into their curricula. IBM brought together more than 200 academic and industry leaders at the conference to explore how best to integrate technology into all aspects of a college education so the next generation of global entrepreneurs will be differentiated by an education that applies technology to areas such as information management and business analytics, digitized patient records, and clean technologies. IBM is working initially with 20 colleges and universities across the United States to help them use a new Academic Skills Cloud and will add additional schools over time. The new cloud will provide academia an opportunity to use IBM software at no charge without having to install and maintain it themselves. Cloud computing is a new consumption and delivery model inspired by consumer Internet services. Businesses are rapidly adopting cloud computing to use information technology and services over a secure network. Available video includes a narrated package, b-roll and interviews with professors and students.