• 27-APR-2009

Machine vs. Man in Unique Match on Jeopardy! Quiz Show

"What is, a Highly Advanced Computing System"
America's favorite quiz show will be getting a new kind of contestant. Technology pioneer IBM unveiled plans to develop an advanced computing system that will be able to go head-to-head with humans in an epic battle of man vs. machine on a special edition of Jeopardy! For nearly two years, scientists have been working on "Watson," a highly-advanced Question Answering (QA) system that will be able to understand complex questions and give answers with the precision and speed of a human. Unlike conventional computing technologies, Watson is designed to handle semantics, interpret expression and compute with confidence in a matter of seconds. Like its human competitor, the machine will play the game without any outside assistance. The research underlying the system is expected to elevate computer intelligence and human-to-computer communication to unprecedented levels. IBM intends to apply the unique technological capabilities being developed to help a wide variety of industries answer business questions quickly and accurately.