• 09-NOV-2011

IBM Helps Rio de Janeiro Become a Smarter City

As our world becomes increasingly complex, rapidly growing cities face unprecedented new challenges. Rio de Janeiro, while known for its rich culture, active lifestyles, and stunning natural beauty, is also burdened like many cities with crime, aging infrastructure, and natural disasters. Already a burgeoning city of 6 million, Rio de Janeiro now prepares for millions more as they get ready to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Like other forward thinking cities, Rio realized it was in need of a new city operations plan to improve emergency response coordination, manage increased traffic, and improve services for citizens. Rio turned to IBM to create a "Smarter City" by integrating more than 30 agencies into one centralized command center. The new Smarter City system gathers data from sectors across city operations making it easy for security officials and crisis managers to monitor and respond to problems quickly.