IBM Rio Command Center



General Views of IBM Rio Command Center.
00:00-00:08 IBM Command Center Exterior with Busses in the foreground
00:08-00:15 IBM Command Center Exterior pan with Brazilian flags
00:17-00:23 Slider door to command center reveal
00:24-00:32 Right side pan of interior of CC
00:33-00:37 Smooth handheld CC from workers POV
00:38-00:44 Over the shoulder of worker's view of individual screen rack focus to Centro de Operacoes in Rio on his back
00:45-00:51 Slightly silhouetted manager in front of screens
00:52-01:05 Pan up and rack focus on smaller screens to master screen
01:06 – 01:21 Pan down over some of the 20+ partners working together in the CC
01:22 – 01:30 Pan up over some of the 20+ partners working together in the CC
01:31- 01:35 Smooth hand held pull back move POV of workers in the CC
01:36- 01:43 Rack focus between uniforms from Centro de Operacoes to the Brazilian flag
01:44- 01:49 Slow wide left side pan of interior from elevated view
01:50-01:57 Emergency response map of Rio move on the large screen
01:58 – 2:08 IBM emergency response move on the map of RIO
02:09 – 02:12 Duel screen shot of map of Rio and IBM weather forecasting
02:13 – 02:18 Tight shot of IBM Deep Thunder over Rio
02:19 – 02:26 Tight of IBM Deep Thunder – Rio de Janeiro
02:27 – 02:35 Tight of IBM Deep Thunder – Rio de Janeiro
02:36 – 02:42 Over the shoulder POV of female worker screen and move focus to uniform
02:43- 02:48 Wide right time-lapse of the interior of the CC
02:48 – 02:54 Rear center time-lapse of interior of CC
02:55 – 3:00 Closing shot of screens and Rio slider door rack focus conclusion
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  • Vineeta Durani
    United States
  • Meredith Hannon
    United States