IBM 5 in 5 2011 Mobile



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The digital divide will cease to exist.

In our global society, wealth of economies are decided by the level of access to information. And in five years, the gap between information haves and have-nots will cease to exist due to the advent of mobile technology.

There are 7 billion people inhabiting the world today and in five years 80% of the current global population would each have a mobile device.

It's cheaper to have a cell phone than open a bank account or buy a laptop. And because of this, communities are able to achieve much more than they had before.

Members of a village could check weather reports for when to fertilize crops. Or know when doctors were coming into town instead of having to wait at the crossroads.

Imagine... growing communities will be able to use mobile technology to better serve people with new solutions and business models such as mobile commerce and remote healthcare.
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