B-roll: Supplier Connection



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Edited B-roll
1. Amanda Neville at her computer in the Thinkso office.

2. A pan across to a close up of Amanda.

3. One Thinkso worker at his computer on the phone, to another Thinkso worker at her computer.

4. Jonathan Bowles working at his computer.

5. Jonathan answering a phone.

6. Jonathan pointing and talking about a location on a wall map.

7. Stanley Litow walking down a hall.

8. Citigroup employees discussing something on a computer.

9. Two different Citigroup employees discussing something on a computer.

10. Citibank building logo then a pull out reveal of the people on the street.

11. A timelapse shot of multiple UPS workers performing different work related tasks followed by the UPS logo.

12. A row of Bank of America atm's.
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