Roadrunner Breaks Petaflop Milestone



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Lead engineer Don Grice of IBM inspects the world's fastest computer in the
company's Poughkeepsie, NY plant. The computer nicknamed "Roadrunner" was
built for the Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security
Administration and will be housed at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New
Mexico. IBM engineers in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Rochester, Minn., Austin,
Texas and Yorktown Heights, N.Y., worked on the computer, the first to
break a milestone known as a "petaflop" -- the ability to calculate
1,000-trillion operations every second. The computer packs the power of
100,000 laptops -- a stack 1.5 miles high. Roadrunner will primarily be
used to ensure national security, but will also help scientists perform
research into energy, astronomy, genetics and climate change.
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